SatinJazz is an online radio station broadcasting through TorontoCast.  Our niche genre is women’s jazz vocal.

If you tune in, you’ll hear a lot of great contemporary jazz singers such as Diana Krall, Tierney Sutton, Claire Martin, Holly Cole, Stacey Kent, Nicki Parrott, and many other well known singers.  But you’ll also hear a lot of tracks from singers you may not yet have heard of.  SatinJazz is a great way to discover contemporary interpreters and creators of jazz music.

The playlists consist almost entirely of “upbeat” jazz standards, but I also enjoy playing jazz adaptations of songs from other genres.

I hope you enjoy the music.

(if you’re reading this on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page to tune in)

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    1. Jean-Pierre

      J’avais le même problème … mais le SON …. heureusement est revenu…. bonne écoute !

  1. The best kind of music for me. I have been listening to your station for years and will not stop doing so for sure. SatinJazz is the first choice everytime I want to hear some quality music.
    Big thanks from Slovakia 🙂

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