Live365 will be closing the SatinJazz stream at the end of 31 December 2015, but SatinJazz will continue from the Radionomy service.

You can continue to listen to SatinJazz on TUNEIN, or you can listen from the Radionomy page.

Mobile users can find SatinJazz in the TUNEIN app, on both Apple and Android devices.

Depending on which country you are listening from, you may hear advertisements (no more than 2 minutes per half-hour).  That is not my preference but it enables SatinJazz to continue in 2016.


Dear SatinJazz listeners:

Earlier this week, the US Copyright Royalty Board announced the royalty rates for digital performances of recorded music over the internet for the 2016-2020 period. There is a lot of detail in the digital broadcasting press about the rate change and how it affects the big players like Pandora, etc, versus Soundexchange and their representation of the artists to get a better rate for their music.

Unfortunately, a provision that has been in place for small webcasters enabling them to broadcast at a reduced flat rate, for personally curated stations like SatinJazz, has not been renewed. This will sadly kill off thousands of small internet radio stations who will now no longer be able to afford to run their small stations at the same pay-per-performance fees the giants like the Pandoras are paying.

I do support the rights of the artists who produce the music without whom there would be no internet radio in the first place. However, when there are no small, personally curated stations in existence, many up-and-coming artists and especially those in very niche genres (like female jazz vocal) will find it harder to get airplay and exposure to listeners, as the CRB ruling is efectively killing off these lower tiers of the internet radio industry.

I am hopeful that something might happen over the next couple of weeks which will allow small webcasters to continue, but at the pay-per-performance rate it will be impossible for me to continue broadcasting SatinJazz from 1 January 2016.

I am very grateful to everyone who has tuned in to SatinJazz over the years, and to the recording artists and composers whose music moved me to share their work with others through this medium while it was possible. I hope you can all continue to find ways to discover and support jazz and jazz vocalists, through their live performances and recorded music, especially those singers and bands in your own local areas.

If circumstances allow me to relaunch SatinJazz in future, I will send out an email.  If you wish to join the mailing list to be informed of future developments, please add your email address here:

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All the best,

Please also read the comment from “Disgusted” in the comments of this linked article, as that person has summed it up better than I could.



Welcome to SatinJazz!

by Matt

SatinJazz is an online radio station, licensed and broadcasting through Live365 and iTunes.  Our specialized genre is female jazz vocal.



You can listen from any PC or Mac through iTunes.  Look for SatinJazz in the Jazz section under “Internet”.





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