SatinJazz is an online radio station broadcasting through TorontoCast.  Our specialized genre is female jazz vocal.

If you tune in, you’ll hear a lot of great contemporary jazz singers such as Diana Krall, Tierney Sutton, Claire Martin, Holly Cole, Stacey Kent, Sophie Milman, Nicki Parrott, Halie Loren, and many other well known singers.

But you’ll also hear a lot of tracks from singers you may never have heard of before.

The playlists consist almost entirely of “upbeat” jazz standards, but I also enjoy playing jazz adaptations of songs originally from other genres.

I broadcast at 128kbps, which amounts to about 60 MB per hour.  I broadcast as much as possible without audio advertisements. The only times you’ll hear audio advertisements are when you are opening or restarting the stream on certain apps or devices.

I hope you enjoy the music.


29 thoughts on “About”

    1. J’avais le même problème … mais le SON …. heureusement est revenu…. bonne écoute !

  1. The best kind of music for me. I have been listening to your station for years and will not stop doing so for sure. SatinJazz is the first choice everytime I want to hear some quality music.
    Big thanks from Slovakia 🙂

  2. I liked only instrumental jazz before. Now listen you from Ukraine every day. Thanks!

  3. Listening from Poland, almost everyday. (I see you have Aga Zaryan, too)
    Great job! 🙂

  4. I listen to Satin Jazz all the time. Love it. Hey Mat, have you heard of Jesse Gordon? She would fit right into this selection. And Brianna cowlishaw- she’s also great

  5. From Chile listening your radiostation!!! Great
    jazz music…My son Kilian it’s un Australia

  6. Love this station,,listen to it everyday,here in the UK,keep up the good work,Regards TONY LETTINGTON

  7. My daddy listens to you everyday. Yes – everyday. Great listening Matt …. thank you.

  8. Какая “вкусная” музыка!!

  9. What a find Up there with my favourite jazz stations Listening all day. Thanks

  10. One of my few favorite jazz stations. Wonderful vocal jazz by exclusively female singers from all over the world, including names almost unknown here in central Europe (Switzerland). Thank you. Keep on swinging !

  11. Wonderful, calming radio. Currently my favourite (I’m from Poland). Good job presenting less known jazz singers.

  12. Absolutely beautiful relaxing music soothing to the soul in an obsessively frantic world. Satin Jazz, what a find!

  13. This is my great new favourite station. Well done there. Love love your curating of jazz tracks.

  14. One of the very best radio stations world wide. Appreciating your delicious jazz selection. Thank you very much!

  15. Listening all day long, here in Brazil, thru Icecast in Clementine player! And loving it! Thank you!

  16. Beautiful Female Jazz Music, really more to know who females jazz in the world.. thankyou

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