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SatinJazz now streaming from SonixCast

You might have noticed some changes at SatinJazz lately.  We had some difficulties which started in May, when our previous provider started blocking some countries from their service.  It has taken some time and effort to locate a new provider, and to arrange the move of SatinJazz.  We’re now back and available to listeners in all countries, streaming from the SonixCast service.
I’ve taken the opportunity to create a new music mix on Satinjazz, where you’ll hear newer tracks more often, and no more advertisements or fillers. (Some sites or apps may add their own pre-roll advertisement, but once you’re tuned in, there won’t be any ads interrupting the music).
We’re back on TuneIn, and our new iTunes entry is available in the Internet Radio directory.  Please use the bottom one – hopefully the old SatinJazz entries will get cleaned up soon:
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.48.43 am


You can also install the SatinJazz app on your Apple, Android, or Blackberry:

               Get it on Google Play               
SatinJazz is also available on the Shoutcast directory, so you should be able to find it on your own streaming/internet radio device. If you need any assistance tuning in to SatinJazz from your own device, please contact me directly at dj@satinjazz.com or use this contact form.